Two Tourists selfie photo Nude Woman in the temples of Angkor Deported

A day later, the court sentenced him to probation for six months because of proven indecent act in public spaces and proved to perform activities of pornography.
"In addition, the court also prohibits both returned to Cambodia for four years and expel them," said Koeut Sovannareth, Siem Reap provincial prosecutor.

Cambodian officials said the behavior of the two US tourists because it is considered an insult to the people of Cambodia Angkor complex is considered as a location that is purified
Case of foreign tourists pose nude in the Angkor complex is the second in the last two weeks. Previous three French tourists were also deported after doing the same thing at the famous temple complex.

Angkor Archaeological Park has been designated as a world heritage site. In this place there are remnants of a former capital of the Khmer empire from the 9th century to the 15th. Angkor complex is the site's most popular tourist Cambodia.

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