Nikita Mirzani Beat Sajad Because Forced Married

Nikita Mirzani was beaten to Sajad Ukra using the right shoes when they still become lovers. Now it turns out the reason why Nikita Mirzani do so.

The base of the heel incident began when Nikita Mirzani and Sajad bicker. "Initially Sajad took Nikita to get married. But Nikita refused. From there it was a dispute quarrel to occur beating it," said attorney Nikita, Chakra WK Arsyad, after the hearing in PA South Jakarta, Monday (12/01/2015).

Nikita Mirzani
Nikita Mirzani Beat Sajad Because Forced Married

"It happened before marriage, would go near the time of marriage. That was also discussed why in the trial," said Chakra.

Beating case is used as evidence in court faction Sajad. Not only before marriage, Sajad party also said that Nikita ever hit when the two were married.

"Indeed, nothing happens before marriage, but there is also the case when already married. So not only once," said attorney Sajad, Lita Ancient Viani.

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