Buried with Her Favorite Ferrari Socialite

San Antonio - 'Bury me with my car' That usually is often spoken by a car enthusiast. Usually just waffle sole, but not for this woman socialite. Yes, he asked her corpse buried with his favorite car. A Ferrari anyway.

Socialite woman named Sandra West. He died in 1977. Wealth Sandra when it reached US $ 5 million. Sandra was staying in the elite area of Beverly Hills. When compared with the current state, West likened similar to Paris Hilton.

Sandra buried in a container, containing a blue Ferrari 250GT in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

The story of Sandra funeral almost 40 years was re-reviewed by www.mysanantonio.com, as quoted on Monday (23/02/2015).

The eccentric funeral attracted the attention of the public in 1977. Sandra died of overdose, although other reports said he died of complications following a car accident.

In a will written four years before his death, Sandra wanted him buried in a car with a comfortable seat position.
Respect the wishes of Sandra, Sandra finally buried beside her husband, a Texas oil skipper, Ike West. To bury Sandra and her car, takes a grave along 5.7 meters, 3 meters wide, 2.7 meters deep. Box container that holds the remains of Sandra in the car put into the grave by using a crane.

To avoid the fraudulent act, after being inserted into the ground, buried by using a concrete tomb.

His funeral was attended by about 300 people. And terbesit in mind the moment it is, they want to know how his funeral.

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