One of the perpetrators of rape 7-year junior high school boy

Range of Women and Children Unit (PPA) Criminal Police Palembang back scooped three perpetrators of rape against grader SMP initials NB (13). One of them was still a student actors first grade seven years old.

Invisible Criminal Police Commissioner Palembang Suryadi said third arrest perpetrators of increasing the number of offenders who successfully secured to four people. These three new actors arrested are SR (13), KK (14), and BC aka KI (7).

A few hours after receiving the report, Saturday (10/1), the police arrested Gusti Hidayatullah aka Sony (12), seventh grade students in the same school with the victim. Sony arrested after school.
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One of the perpetrators of rape 7-year junior high school boy

"Of the 12 offenders were reported, four people have been arrested. One of them on the day when the report is received, and three offenders were arrested on Sunday," said Suryadi, Monday (12/1).

Currently, he said, police are still pursuing other actors, including the brain that depraved action initials BB.

"There are eight players still on the run. They will we rush to account for their deeds," he said.

Unknown, rape incident that occurred on Tuesday, December 30th, 2014 at 11:00 pm in an empty house. New NB reported to police on Friday (9/1), after parents NB NB gets complaints from friends who know the rape.

NB deliberately cover up the events that happened two weeks ago, for fear of being scolded her parents. He also felt sorry if his family was sad to hear his confession.

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