Ice cube benefits for Skin beauty

Portal Zine - There are easy ways to keep your makeup last longer, ie, with ice cubes. Ice cubes can even make your skin look younger and beautiful.

Russian Empress Ekaterina II often use ice cubes to maintain her beauty to still look young. He regularly rubbing ice cubes on the face and neck every morning. If you want to look fresh and beautiful, there is no harm in following the recipe of the Queen Ekaterina this.

If you want to use ice cubes, make ice cubes with materials of mineral water, instead of tap water. Also, do not press too hard because ice can damage the capillaries under the skin. Do not use ice cubes on the eye area and immediately dry your face after using ice cubes. Let your face dry naturally.

Ice cube benefits for Skin beauty
Ice cube benefits for Skin beauty

Here are some benefits of ice cubes for beauty:

Eliminate acne
Usually when pimples arise, the surrounding area becomes swollen and red. Ice cubes can treat the condition once mengempiskannya. Ice cubes also helps balance the excess oil glands sehigga reduce acne.

The trick, wrap ice cubes in a ziplock bag and hold acne area for 10 minutes. Ice cubes can help reduce inflammation and pain caused by acne.

Cold sensation caused by ice cubes made smaller pores. How, after you wash your face, use ice cubes on the face to shrink pores.

Make up durable
The face is not oily and small pores makeup would make it more durable. Not surprisingly, a lot of makeup are advised to rub an ice cube on your face before the start meriasnya.

Brighten skin
Combine cucumbers or strawberries with ice and chill until frozen. Then, apply an ice cube on your face once every week. Ice cubes serve as exfoliating scrubs and memerkecil pores.

Overcoming puffy eyes
Wrap ice cubes in a soft cloth. Put an ice cube over your eyes swollen in the morning. It will make your puffy eyes become smaller and looks bright. If you have dark circles under the eyes, use a black tea that is frozen into ice cubes and applied in the same way.

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