Susilo Wonowidjojo The rich man No. 2 in Indonesia

Susilo Wonowidjojo with PT Gudang Garam managed to reap the most benefit from this business of cigarette smoke. Susilo has a wealth of up to US $ 7.4 billion, or Rp 70.3 trillion.

Gudang Garam was established on June 26, 1958 by Ing Tjoa Hwie or known Surya Wonowidjojo. Prior to founding the company, at the age of about twenty years, Ing Hwie got an offer to work from his uncle in a cigarette factory Cap 93 which is one of the famous cigarette factory in East Java at that time. Thanks to the hard work and diligence he get a promotion and eventually occupy the position of director of the company.

In 1956 Ing Hwie leaving Cap 93. He bought land in Kediri and start his own cigarette production, beginning with the cigarettes of the brand Inghwie husk. After two years of running Ing Hwie change the name of his company Gudang Garam Cigarette Factory Tjap.

PT Gudang Garam Tbk not distribute directly but through PT Surya Madistrindo then to retailers and then to consumers or producers.

PT Gudang Garam Tbk is a popular cigarette manufacturer company from Indonesia. The company is a leader in the production of cigarettes. The company has approximately 524 acres of tobacco complex in Kediri, East Java.

Susilo Wonowidjojo
Susilo Wonowidjojo The rich man No. 2 in Indonesia

Gudang Garam Indonesia cigarettes is a famous brand which became very popular in many countries, as well as taking a large percentage in the supply of cigarettes in this country. Susilo Wonowidjojo was the one who drove the company into a huge success; so that success is what makes being in the Forbes list of the 10 richest people in Indonesia. Although he only continue the legacy of his father, his leadership made Gudang Garam become one of the most popular brands of cigarettes.

From Inghwie Being Gudang Garam
Gudang Garam history stems from 1956, when the father Susilo, Surya Wonowidjojo (Tjoa Ing Hwie) establish itself in Kediri cigarette company after many years of working in the tobacco companies Cap 93. Initially, the company was named Inghwie and producing hand-rolled cigarettes made from corn leaves . In 1958, when the company developed into a bigger, he changed the company name to Tjap Gudang Garam Cigarette Factory. He applies his experience as a director at Cap 93 and make Gudang Garam thrive.

Gudang Garam then slowly add employees and tobacco plantations; There currently are 542 hectares of tobacco plantations in Kediri that supply companies. The Company distributes its products through PT Surya Madistrindo, who then proceeded to retail stores. After that, when Susilo took over the company, he managed to make the brand become more famous and profit increases. He has four children, and they are now helping their father manage the company. With more than 28,000 employees and an annual profit of Rp 3 billion, Gudang Garam continue to market cigarettes in Indonesia.

Various Brands for National and International Markets
As the fifth-largest tobacco company and the oldest in Indonesia, Gudang Garam has a wide variety of products. Susilo Wonowidjojo ensure that there is a wide range of products to consumers, namely white cigarettes, mild cigarettes, clove, and husks (cigarettes made from corn leaves). Each brand has a different target markets; of International and Solar Professional with modern imagery, Gudang Garam cigarette machine cigarette marketed as a "tough guy", mild in many variants, to traditional cigarettes such as klobot Sweet and Fresh husks.

Susilo also apply fairly aggressive marketing campaigns for each brand Gudang Garam, there is the use of TV, print media, billboards and signs, and many others. Gudang Garam is often organizes various events and competitions to gain the attention of more consumers. It is not surprising that the leadership is famous as the key of the success of Gudang Garam circuit current.

In a press release reported by the company in Kediri, East Java, mentioned Wonowidjojo replace Djajusman Surjowijono, who resigned in February

Succession was performed after foreign competitors to expand in the country with the largest number of smokers after China and India. A number of companies including BAT and Philip Morris International Inc. snatch market share in Indonesia. Gudang Garam's first-quarter profit more than doubled to a record helped by cost cuts.

"Gudang Garam do positive strategies, and results from the last quarter, which is very good. It's still early, but I think the people's purchasing power is also important, not only for Gudang Garam but also the industry," said Rumaida Utami, an analyst at CIMB-GK Securities Indonesia, prior to the announcement.

PT HM Sampoerna, with a 29% market share, beating Gudang Garam to become the ruler of the tobacco industry in 2006, a year after Philip Morris acquired the company.

On June 17, BAT took over PT Bentoel International Investama with a value of US $ 494 million to expand in the cigarette market in Indonesia. Director Asia Pacific John Daly explains Europe's largest cigarette company's extensive targeting opportunities in Indonesia with the aim of shifting the position of the second Gudang Garam.

Gudang Garam spokeswoman Vidya Boediyanti February explain Surjowijono resigned due to aging. He had served as finance director for 10 years. Wonowidjojo became vice president director since 1990 and held the position of director for more than 10 years.

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