Aircraft seats filled, the pilot spoke pretty passenger sitting in the cockpit

Beautiful woman named Ada Ng, 28 years, displaying a picture of herself sitting in the cockpit of a Cathay Pacific plane en route from Hong Kong to Taipei.

According to the website Shanghaiist, he allowed the pilot sitting in the cockpit because the passenger seat is full.
Besides taking pictures, Ng also record videos when the plane landed at the airport, as reported by the website of Asia One, Saturday (7/3).

He then display all the photos on the website and say ascetic cool Weibo has experience taking off and landing in the aircraft cockpit.

Photos and videos she suddenly spread on the Internet and appeared on several news sites.

In addition, this event also raises the debate about the safety of the airline after Ng was allowed to sit in the cockpit.

Ng is not yet known whether a family member of one of the crew or not because he also put pictures of tickets showing him seated in business class.

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