Fariz RM Arrested currently Marijuana and Heroin Use

PortalZine - South Jakarta Police (South Jakarta Police) arrested at his residence Fariz RM, Gull Road, Plastica Jaya, South Tangerang. When arrested, the old musician was being used illicit drug, marijuana and heroin.

"When arrested are being used, placed on cigarette ashtray. The heroin was found in the right pocket," said South Jakarta Police Narcotics visible, Hando Wibowo, Tuesday (06/01/2014).

Seized evidence is a package of marijuana, one package herion, suction apparatus such as bongs, aluminum foil, and lighters. The result of this arrest, Fariz RM alleged Article 111, 112, and 114 of Law No. 35 of 2009 on Narcotics with a minimum prison sentence of four years and maximum 12 years.

Fariz RM Arrested currently Marijuana and Heroin Use
Fariz RM Arrested currently Marijuana and Heroin Use
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"The question we are doing an intensive examination, Article 111 of marijuana, 112 of heroin, 114 mastery, with a minimum sentence of four years," said Hando.

The arrest is the second time for the singer Sakura. Previously, Fariz never caught a drug case in 2007 with evidence in the form of 1.5-rolled marijuana.

Fariz was arrested when her taxi ride with friends. He had to be languishing in jail for eight months. After that, the creator of the Barcelona track undergoing rehabilitation at the Hospital Melia, Cibubur.

Source : okezone

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